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Hajj 2014

Hajj is a pilgrimage and a very auspicious event of Muslims in which they travel to the very much known religious place Mecca with full dedication and devotion. It is a religious duty performed by Muslims for God. During Hajj a person should devote him/her to God by mind and[…] Read More →

Cheapest hajj packages 2014 Tempting Offer

This article covers the most recent health advices that everyone should know before beginning their journey in the light of ongoing cases of MERS virus in the Middle East. MERS virus is basically Middle East Respiratory Syndrome which leads to lungs, kidney or heart diseases and ultimately causing death. National[…] Read More →

Hajj Packages Providing Comforting Transportation and Accommodation

This year the pilgrims of hajj are facing confusion because of the various reasons and one among them is reduction in hajj quota. The twenty percent reduction in the hajj quota has given birth to various conflicts and a bench of two members in Supreme Court has been formed on[…] Read More →