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Hajj Research Centre: The Source of Improvement

Hajj is one of the largest annual pilgrims in the world with the 3 million people gathering at one place every year. It is mandatory worship in Islam that is occurred in Makkah on every 12th of Dhu Al-hijjah. The people from all over the world gather here to bow[…] Read More →

Information on Standard & VIP Hajj Packages 2016

You are reading this article because you are getting ready for you’re in the Saudi Arabia. Looking for the best and cheap hajj packages 2016 is very good idea. You will get lots of useful information regarding hajj performance and the package available in the market. The customers, who find[…] Read More →

The important things you must have with you in Hajj

Hajj will always be a tiring job for you especially when you are in the Makkah in Ramadan or any other busy month. You cannot depend on the agency to help you in the every matter in your hajj affairs. You find a cheap hajj package 2016 to get facilities[…] Read More →

Things to Avoid while Preparing for Hajj

Saudi Arabia is considered as headquarter of Muslims in the world when we see the gathering of millions of Muslims at Hajj. Muslims gather at the Holy city of Makkah for the performance of this holy obligation every year. Hajj is the mandatory religious obligation for the Muslims above the[…] Read More →