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The Exchange of Islamic Gifts after Hajj

Hajj is a very simple process and Muslims gather in the house of Allah for the performance of Hajj. Hajj is performed in the state of Ihram. It is a very simple dress. It is unstitched two clothes of white color. However women can stitch Ihram. In state of Ihram,[…] Read More →

What to Consider while Choosing Cheap Hajj Package 2017?

Choosing the cheap hajj package 2017 will be a challenge for you if you are visiting Saudi Arabia for Hajj very first time. Searching online for the best travel agency wills a good idea but you will have to understand few important things before taking your final decision. This information[…] Read More →

What are the Benefits of Hajj?

Hajj is an Arabic word. Hajj is performed by all the Muslims as a religious obligation. There are a lot of Hadeeth and Quranic verses that shows the importance of Hajj in Islam. There is a great reward and blessings of Allah for performing Hajj once in life. Hajj is[…] Read More →