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Cheapest Hajj package 2014

Hajj is that sort of pilgrimage that enable us to become real human beings with all the essence Allah loves. It is a sort of going back to the roots of Islam belief of love, brotherhood and respect. So when a pilgrimage to Mecca is planned we at euro Africa[…] Read More →

Cheap Hajj Packages 2014

Hajj is an important occasion for all the Muslim people and it teaches us the importance of sacrifice, sincerity, dedication and patience . Hajj is that occasion where performance of a human being is based not physically but spiritually as well. We should try to understand what we are doing[…] Read More →

Cheapest hajj package Toward the Fulfillment of Spiritual Rejuvenation

Minister of religious affairs and inter faith harmony Sardar Muhammad Yousaf has announced on Monday July 30, 2013 that there will be strict monitoring of facilities being provided to pilgrims and any negligence regarding this will not be spared. While addressing to media Sardar Muhammad Yousaf said that the hajj[…] Read More →