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Cheapest Hajj Packages for The Pilgrims

Hajj is a holy task and prayer which every Muslim wishes to do this. Every person is not rich, we know this very well,and some belongs to a poor family too. But they really want to visit Saudi Arabia the holy place of Allah Al-mighty. Yes, to perform Hajj, it[…] Read More →

Impact of Budged on Hajj Packages 2014

The rate of tax has been increased to Rs 3,500 per Hajji in the Federal budget 2013-14 that has further increased the amount to Rs 5,000 per Hajji in the year 2014. This is the result of the amendments made in the Second Schedule of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001. 

Cheapest hajj package Toward the Fulfillment of Spiritual Rejuvenation

Minister of religious affairs and inter faith harmony Sardar Muhammad Yousaf has announced on Monday July 30, 2013 that there will be strict monitoring of facilities being provided to pilgrims and any negligence regarding this will not be spared. While addressing to media Sardar Muhammad Yousaf said that the hajj[…] Read More →