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Cheaper and Economical Hajj 2017

We know that many of you who are going for Hajj for the first time, will be quite excited but at the same time worried and confused also. You may be concerned about the crowds, the hot weather of Makkah and the stories of exhausting trip– it’s natural to be[…] Read More →

What to Consider while Choosing Cheap Hajj Package 2017?

Choosing the cheap hajj package 2017 will be a challenge for you if you are visiting Saudi Arabia for Hajj very first time. Searching online for the best travel agency wills a good idea but you will have to understand few important things before taking your final decision. This information[…] Read More →

What are the Benefits of Hajj?

Hajj is an Arabic word. Hajj is performed by all the Muslims as a religious obligation. There are a lot of Hadeeth and Quranic verses that shows the importance of Hajj in Islam. There is a great reward and blessings of Allah for performing Hajj once in life. Hajj is[…] Read More →