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We know that many of you who are going for Hajj for the first time, will be quite excited but at the same time worried and confused also. You may be concerned about the crowds, the hot weather of Makkah and the stories of exhausting trip– it’s natural to be a little concerned.

Euro Africa Travel fully understand this and have planned our packages to make it as easy and comfortable as possible for you. Let us take care of all the physical constraints so you can completely focus on the basic purpose of your journey: to perform the perfect Hajj. Let us do all the work whilst you ‘practice what is material’.

We assure that from the time you first meet our team prior to departure, we will focus on your comfort level. Your uncertainties and anxieties will be replaced by the enthusiasm from the take off to the House of Allah.

Euro Africa Travel take care of all the possibilites so that you can thoroughly focus on the aim of your journey to perform the ideal Hajj.

Hajj is much more than a pilgrimage ritual. Our educational programme will guide you to perform a spiritual journey. Starting with the Pre-Hajj Seminar in the UK, followed by a carefully devised programme of lectures and reminders throughout the journey, you will Insha-Allah, return back home as a better person.

We will be accompanied by a number of highly educated religious guides who will be conveying lectures, providing guidance on the rites of Hajj and available to answer your queries.

We provide accommodation to all our pilgrims in the ‘VIP’ European area, which is about a 10-minute walk from the Jamarat, making stoning very easy, especially for the older, infirm and sick.

Pilgrims from the UK are normally accommodated almost an hour walk away from the Jamarat, making the stoning ritual exhausting for most and impossible for others.

During the days of the rites of Hajj, lot of time will be spent in the tents in Mina. You will also be required to go to the Jamarat to perform the stoning on daily basis– therefore the accommodation of the tents is one of the important aspects of any Hajj package.


  • Before leaving take a healthy sleep
  • Analyse your GP early in preparation to ensure your health, medication and prescription items.
  • Do not neglect/alter your medication without clearing it with your GP before travel.
  • Assure a good hygienic measure. Wash your hands before/after food/bathroom use etc.
  • Carry a list of medical conditions, relevant important numbers with a prescription list with you and give a copy to your travel companion
  • Purchase good footwear and practice walking daily in the build-up to the Hajj trip
  • For the ladies please address menstrual matters before you leave as issues can often be avoided with good prior planning
  • Pack necessary medication in your hand belongings and ensure that you take extras.
  • Ensure you eat regularly, drink plenty and use common sense when purchasing food. Do not let yourself become dehydrated for fear of becoming unwell.
  • Rest well the day before you leave and pack plenty of patience, remember Hajj is not a holiday!
  • Finally remember the vast majority of people go well, remain well and will return well. So enjoy this amazing journey.

For more information and booking for 3 Weeks Economical Hajj Package 2017, Please visit our Hajj Section.

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