Cheapest Hajj Package 2014 and Health Advice for Pilgrims

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The preparations of hajj 2014 are on the peak these days. The pilgrims are preparing their self and the things they had to carry with them. The travel companies are also in hurry to provide cheapest hajj packages 2014 for the pilgrims to earn some profit and also to seek the blessing of Allah by assisting such pilgrims in their holy journey to Makkah. By keeping the importance of health advice in the mind for traveling to Saudi Aria in 2014, we are committing some pieces of advice for the pilgrims.

In the routine matter every pilgrim has to fulfill the Saudi Health Ministry requirements to enter in the Saudi Arabia. The ministry of health has its own importance and plays a vital role for the successful performance of hajj. The ministry of health of Saudi Arabia is responsible to take necessary measure to look after the health of two million people who visit Saudi Arabia for the purpose of hajj. There are following some of the major things that health ministry has to look after during hajj.

  • Health ministry is responsible to ensure the health of every pilgrim visiting Saudi Arabia for the performance of the hajj. If you are visiting Saudi Arabia in 2014, you must be aware of the Merce virus. You need to ask your embassy, the complete information about this virus and the required vaccination for this virus. Numbers of deaths are reported due to that virus. The Saudi health ministry is trying to control the effects of this virus by taking radical measures but still the things are in progress. Moreover the health advice has also been forwarded to Islamic countries to take appropriate vaccine before traveling to Saudi Arabia to avoid its effects during hajj.
  • The health ministry of Saudi Arabia look after the food that pilgrim have in their routine and also provide the list of food that they can carry with them during the performance of hajj. Every pilgrim is required to submit the certificate of inoculation to the Saudi health ministry at the entry point that ensures the required health measures for the entrance of Saudi Arabia.
  • Health Ministry of Saudi Arabia keeps close contact with the municipalities of Makah and Medina to ensure the hygienic environment in the city especially in the periods of hajj.
  • The implementation and spread of health education in the country during and after the hajj is also the responsibility of Ministry of Health.

So if you are traveling Saudi Arabia first time, you need to know all of these things to ensure your health in the country and to obey the country rules. Moreover you can get this health information from any of the travel agency you are hiring for the performance of the hajj. Along with cheapest hajj packages 2014, you can also get complete health advice from these travel companies. We hope and wish for the successful performance of your hajj and safe return.

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