Fifth Pillar of Islam

2016 Hajj Packages

Hajj is the most important and the fifth pillar of Islam, although Islam do not bound every Muslim to do Hajj until and unless he does not have enough money that he clear all his debts, full fill all of his responsibilities and all of his or her kids are fully sound. But, it is dream of every single Muslim around the world to visit the Holy Makah and Madina to perform Hajj and get the blessings of Allah Almighty. In the present financial situation it is hard for a common man to gather enough resources to perform Hajj. And with the passage of time the prices of all things are getting higher which put the common man of the society in to a thought that how could he can perform Hajj even after full filling all of his duties.

At the present times if person pay all of his debts and make his account clear then it is difficult that he may leave with enough money so he can go to perform Hajj. This problem is majorly faced by the Asian Muslims due the bad financial situation and economic fluctuation. That’s why a number of travel agencies in Asian countries are offering cheap hajj packages so the Muslims can perform Hajj and full fill this religious obligation. These packages help all the working and middle class to perform Hajj and visit the Holy Makah and Madina as like the other do.

The Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said, “One who offers Hajj in His way and doesn’t speak obscene language, and doesn’t commit sins, will come back as he was at the time of his birth. (Bukhari, No: 1421). Like this there are a number of attractions are hidden for the Muslims in the completion of this obligation. This is the reason that every year a number of Muslims from the whole world gather in Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj with all of their believe and determination. Be in one uniform, at one platform without any discrimination develop a sense of brotherhood among all of the Muslims and prove that the nation, color or cast doesn’t matter in Islam. You are prior just on the basis of your attitude, behavior and Ikhlas.

To make is possible for each and every Muslim in the world especially Asia a number of travel agencies have designed different cheap Hajj Packages so all the Muslims can perform Hajj. These packages include verity; some of the packages are of twenty days, fifteen days, ten days and the cheapest Hajj packages are of six days only. These six days are those days which are the integral part in performing Hajj and these six days are considered as the most important days of Hajj. So the people who cannot afford to go there for whole forty days they can select a cheap Hajj package for 6 days and perform Hajj with all its glory and comfort and receive the blessings of Allah Almighty.

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