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Hajj is one of the largest annual pilgrims in the world with the 3 million people gathering at one place every year. It is mandatory worship in Islam that is occurred in Makkah on every 12th of Dhu Al-hijjah. The people from all over the world gather here to bow before Al Mighty Allah to ask forgiveness for their previous sins. This is the best example of unity and equality in the world. Different travel agencies offer cheapest hajj packages 2016 to the travelers to make their tour full of ease and comfort. These hajj packages make their trip hassle free as they also include some important guideline to perform hajj. Try your best to find out the package that suit best to your needs and requirements.

The hajj travelers reach in the city in groups and gather at one place. It provides the amazing feelings and shows the best example of love and unity. Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia shows that the number of pilgrim is increasing with the every passing day. The old statistics show that in 2008, the number of foreign pilgrim visited to perform hajj was more than 1800,000. Now the situation is completely different. After looking these statistics, you will be able to understand that the situation will be completely different in 2016. That’s the reason; Saudi Government is always busy to make hajj arrangements better with the every passing day.

The government is looking to expand the hajj space to provide hajj performance in the ease and comfort. The Hajj Research Center established by the Saudi Government provides some important information to take necessary steps for the improvement of hajj facilities. This is the result of the research conducted by this institute to provide better facilities to the disabled people during hajj.

The Hajj Research center has started its work on more efficient grounds after the crane incident in Makkah last year. This was a very unfortunate incident that resulted in much causality. The suggestions and recommendations provided by this research center is always highly appreciated and accepted to make hajj arrangements better. The members of this research center are highly qualified people. The research staff also includes some foreigner researchers as well. They are appointed to provide some good suggestions to improve hajj facilities for foreign pilgrims. The research center is always busy to gather useful information about hajj arrangements at the end of the hajj. These studies are analyzed at the end of the hajj with utmost care to reach on a conclusion.

The research center also issues some research papers for the other universities for more discussion to make hajj arrangements better. This process helps research center and the Saudi Government to find out the best solutions for their problems. These research papers are taught as subject in the different universities of the world in different language. The hajj arrangements are far better now in the country. Get the cheapest hajj packages and get ready for hajj now.

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