Information on Standard & VIP Hajj Packages 2016

Cheap Hajj Packages

You are reading this article because you are getting ready for you’re in the Saudi Arabia. Looking for the best and cheap hajj packages 2016 is very good idea. You will get lots of useful information regarding hajj performance and the package available in the market. The customers, who find and compare different packages on different grounds, successfully get a good deal. In the cutthroat business competitive environment, every company wants to defeat the other companies operating in the market. Cheap rates and quality services are two major parameters that allow a company to defeat the other company in the market. Being a wise customer, you must understand these things while comparing different packages in the market to find the best one. These packages are designed to make your travel full of ease and comfort. Contrary to this, you may have many other things that will make your travel full of hassles. Following are two major kinds of hajj packages available in the market; you are free to choose the best one as per your needs and demands:

VIP Hajj Package

If you are good enough in the finance, I suggest you to get VIP hajj package while traveling to Saudi Arabia for hajj purpose. This package is perfectly designed to make your travel hassle free in the aspect and provide you ease and comfort at its peak. A high value protocol is seen from travel agency while managing the whole tour. You are provided an accommodation that is close to Makkah and Madina that is almost at walking distance. You don’t need to hire public or private transportation to reach to your destination for the performance of the hajj. It looks expensive but it also save much of your cost that you could spend on private transportation to reach your destination. In the VIP hajj package, you are provided with the experienced instructor who guides you to perform hajj in Saudi Arabia.

This training session will be very useful if you are going Saudi Arabia for very first time for the performance of the hajj.  A male and female guide is also provided you in the VIP hajj package that performs the hajj with you to guide you on every step of the hajj. A VIP private transportation is provided to move on anywhere in the country without any problem. You are also provided a VIP hotel accommodation while staying in Mina for the protection of your equipments. These private rooms are also used to take shower and to use bathroom as well. In the Mina you have to stay in the camp where you can only sleep without your luggage.

Standard Hajj Package

In the standard cheap hajj packages 2016, you are not provided any premium location to stay near Makkah and Madina. Only male guide is provided in the standard hajj package that is also known as imam who performs hajj with you. The female guide is not provided in this package to guide female pilgrim.

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