Six days of hajj 2014

Hajj Packages 2014

Hajj is the Holy obligation as all Muslims know very well. For those who have decided to perform Hajj they need some cheap packages for their ease and leisure. Coming to the history of Hajj, Actually hajj is the Holy prayer of Muslims that is performed in the last month of the Islamic calendar. During the hajj, male visitors or pilgrimages are required to wear only ihram, it is a garment having two sheets of white color unhemmed cloth, the bottom of this suite secured by a white sash and on the top, draped over the torso adding more, a pair of sandals. While, women are essential to uphold their hijab, it is a normal meek dress which covers all the body parts except hands and the face.

Then suddenly, a question is raised in mind, why ihram is used in Hajj no other dress. It is simple because ihram shows the equality of all the pilgrims, in the front of Allah. It shows that there is no difference between a prince and a pauper. After wearing this dress you’re all the sins will be pardoned. Moreover the place where Muslims change their ihram is called Miqat. Although wearing the ihram, a pilgrim should not shave, clip their nails, not to wear perfume, does not have sexual relations, not to damage or kill any plant and animal.

Also men are not allowed to cover their head and for the women they are not allowed to cover their face and hands. Also, they are not allowed to carry weapons and wear shoes. These are few things that are sticky prohibited while performing Hajj. After wearing ihram Muslims are allowed to move towards the next step that is tawaf and sayi. After this they move to Arafat and perform the other rites of Hajj. Then journey to Muzdalifah and then celebrating Eid ul Azha. Also Tawaf al Ifaadah and Tawaf al Wida. Journey to Medina. These are the steps to perform Hajj. So those who are going to Hajj for the first time. They need these kind of aid or help then they find any trouble. To overcome the problems, the Euro Africa travel agency is here and providing their aid to such types of people. Many people are in search of aid or help for their Hajj.

This agency is contributing their best efforts of the people that come to this Holy land. Also, this agency has a good experience about travelling, as this is a travelling company. If you have any kind of trouble or problem, just visit its official site and find a lot more about the days of Hajj. Moreover, many airlines are delivering their best amenities for the people, so that they have cool and comfort journey. For those who are new and they do not trust on this website. I have to them these people that it is a UK based company and registered in England. For more detail you can call it too. for more detail visit us

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