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There are 5 pilars in Islam – 5 essential obligations that are a commitment for each Muslim to perform.

Our company offers cheap Hajj Packages 2016. Going on Hajj is an ideal affair, It is a column from the mainstays of Islam, and an exceptional chance to look for Allah’s pardoning and make a new beginning. It is along these lines principal that you make this exceptional trip in solace, trust and certainty. We are here to help you make a sheltered and effective adventure. We take care all the basic needs you want during your stay.


Our company itself for being proactive in captivating with its gatherings by means of Islamic addresses and academic guidance.Much of the time each Muslim rich or poor can watch the columns without an issue.

The fifth mainstay of performing journey or Hajj, to the place of Allah (SWT) is doubtlessly the most troublesome of the 5 columns to perform. The purpose behind this is because of the high monetary expenses connected with the trip.


The adventure of Hajj has advanced throughout the years. In the past any Muslim could go to the place of Allah (SWT), by walking, by camel or by stallion and set up camp in Mecca with a specific end goal to perform their commitments to the omnipotent. The excursion was probably troublesome yet the main genuine cost that the Muslims before us had when flying out to Mecca was the expense of sustenance. Much asylum was shoddy as most Muslims would set up make movement camps.  Cheapest Hajj Packages ever but services are good.


Times have now changed. We’re presently living in the time of travel permits, visas, outskirt confinements, high rises, 5 star lodgings, aerated and cooled mentors, taxi’s, obligatory immunizations, air charges, mentor tolls, train passages and numerous other disabling costs.

This is a tremendous measure of cash. By what method can a needy individual who can scarcely stand to nourish himself and his family be relied upon to raise this measure of cash to perform his essential commitments?

Al Hajjaj has been set up with an essential vision: to offer free Hajj to however many poor Muslims around the globe as could be allowed.


We do this by welcoming those Muslims around the globe who are honored with riches to pay or contribute towards shabby Hajj bundles and shoddy Umrah bundles so that poor Muslims around the globe can visit the House of Allah to perform Hajj or Umrah. Book Your Order for the Cheapest Hajj Packages.

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