The important things you must have with you in Hajj

Cheap Hajj Package 2016

Hajj will always be a tiring job for you especially when you are in the Makkah in Ramadan or any other busy month. You cannot depend on the agency to help you in the every matter in your hajj affairs. You find a cheap hajj package 2016 to get facilities as per your needs and requirements. There are so many things that you can do yourself in the hajj travel instead of getting help from your agent in the Makkah or Madinah. You must have the following things with you to assist you and your family in the hajj. They are not expensive or unique things that a common or an average person cannot buy in the market. These are following some of the important but common things that you must have within your travel while you are on hajj.

Medical Toolkit

Though Saudi Arabia is the country with the international standard health facilities yet you will need a medical kit to support your journey. You will not face any problem in the country as per standard facilities and medicines. One problem that you can face in the Saudi Arabia in the Hajj season is the big crowed. Millions of people are gathered in the country for the hajj purpose from different countries of the world. Most of them do not bear the heat of the atmosphere and as a result they fell sick. The Saudi Hotels and other health units remain busy in the Hajj season. You will have to wait for long to get your turn to get medicine. To settle this problem, you are advised to prepare your own medical kit to avoid any inconvenience. This toolkit is equipped with all necessary medicines to support in your travel. This medical kit is also useful in the case of emergency especially at night.

Tool Kit

You must have a small tool kit for you to support your journey to Hajj. Your tool kit must have a scissors, nail clipper, soap, shampoo, razor and the shaving equipment if you do shave. You must have all these equipment even if you do not do any activity included. You can also have some baby wipes to clean yourself in the sun light. Don’t forget the towels to bring with you in the travel. The towels are essential to keep you dry in the sever heat. It will also help you to use it to get shadow in the several heat of the sun.

Your Documents and Cash

After getting the cheap hajj package 2016, prepare all your documents and taken them with you with care. You must keep your visa, passport and other things safe with you so that you don’t face any trouble in Saudi Arabia. You must change your local currency to the Saudi local currency for daily and routine usage. Keep all these documents and cash with the care to avoid any unwanted happening in the country. You must have to take extra care for all these things when you are living in the sharing room during hajj.

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