Things to Avoid while Preparing for Hajj

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Saudi Arabia is considered as headquarter of Muslims in the world when we see the gathering of millions of Muslims at Hajj. Muslims gather at the Holy city of Makkah for the performance of this holy obligation every year. Hajj is the mandatory religious obligation for the Muslims above the age of majority, the person with the sound mind and the person who is not restricted by his master. Hajj is compulsory for those have financial stability and those who can afford it easily. It is also mandatory for the people have good health. Hajj is the major source of getting the blessings of Allah. Looking the importance of the Hajj, large number of people is finding out some cheap hajj packages 2016 from different travel agencies of the world. Following are some of the important things you must avoid while preparing for hajj in 2016:

Temporary Hajj Travel Agencies

When the hajj season is at the peak, you will find some of the temporary travel agencies in the market active to earn lots of money in the limited period of time. They don’t have any sound worth in the travel industry and they are there only to make money. They don’t have any concern with the customer satisfaction because they are operating this business as a part time or seasonal job. Never hire such agencies to make your tour arrangements. They mostly trap those people going for hajj very first time. They know very well that these people don’t know about the process of hajj and they are mostly unaware from top quality services offered by travel agencies in the market. Their whole staff is a temporary nature staff is hire for a single season. The temporary staff is always the major source of problems. A permanent employee always looks towards customer satisfaction because of his job nature. He knows that he is permanently paid for this purpose from his travel agency.

These travel agencies are mostly active in those areas of the world that are illiterate and unaware from latest tools and techniques to find out the best travel agencies in the world. They pay high cost to these travel agencies for very poor and non cooperative services. Always search for the travel agency with the good track record. The travel agencies operating in the travel industries for years have enough skill to make your trip hassle free. Always hire the travel agency that has permanent employees in your home country and Saudi Arabia. You must consider all these points in your mind while choosing the cheap hajj packages 2016 from a travel agency.

Care your Luggage

Saudi Arabia is the country with the very strict rules for the crimes. This is not enough to satisfy you. You must take care of your luggage yourself with the utmost care. You need to take some extra care for your luggage when you are staying with the other people in the shared accommodation in the country.

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