Things to Know For Choosing the Cheap Hajj Package 2016

2016 Hajj Packages

Thousands of agencies in the world are offering cheap hajj package 2016 as the time of hajj is so close. If you are one of the persons going to perform the Hajj, this information will be very useful for you. Read this article with the care and save it for future use of information. Following are some of the important things that will help you to decide which travel agency you need to choose for your hajj.

Agency with Group Imam

Always choose a company that provides a facility to provide an experienced guide imam for your travel. This knowledgeable guide will help you to perform the hajj with the ease and comfort. The imam should perform the complete hajj with your group. It is essential to make your hajj travel hassle free. He must stay in the same hotel you are staying. He should travel with you in the same bus you are traveling. He should stay in the same tent in mina to guide you on every aspect during hajj.

This will help you to get more and more information about hajj and the Holy City of Makkah and Madina. If you are traveling with the imam who is not in your bus or not staying in your hotel or not in the tent you are staying, your hajj travel will be full of hassles. This is one of the most common problems for the companies offer different package but they are associated with only one two imams. As a result, they have to manage two or three groups at the same time and none of the groups satisfies with the services offered.

A Female Guide

The top level travel agencies while making good hajj arrangements also offer male and female guide services to its travelers. There are so many issues during travel or in the stay that a male guide cannot handle on the spot. The female guide is essential especially when you are traveling in the family group. I am sure; the women will be with you that definitely need a female guide.

Full Time Employees in Saudi Arabia

There are so many companies in the market that outsource the staff in Saudi Arabia. They don’t have permanent employees in the country to assist you. An authentic company always has permanent employees in the home country and in the Saudi Arabia to assist their travelers on the spot for any inconvenience. We have seen people complaining about lots of mismanagement and non cooperative behavior from the temporary staff in the country.

Estimate the Exact Price

While choosing the cheap hajj package 2016, you must know that you are including all the local travel cost yourself. If your travel agency offers package from London to Jeddah, you will have to pay your travel expenses yourself to reach London. The travel agency will not be responsible for these expenses. Hope you got some good information. Please keep reading for more information.

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