What to Consider while Choosing Cheap Hajj Package 2017?

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Choosing the cheap hajj package 2017 will be a challenge for you if you are visiting Saudi Arabia for Hajj very first time. Searching online for the best travel agency wills a good idea but you will have to understand few important things before taking your final decision. This information will not only useful for this year but every time you decided to visit the Holy City of Makkah. Following are some of the important things that you must keep in the mind while choosing the best one:

Food Packages for Pilgrims

Most of the travel agencies offer limited food options for your hajj package. You are free to choose one that is best suited to you. It is seen that people feel very bad when they are not offered meal in Makkah and Madina. Getting meal from hotel in Makkah and Madina in the days of Hajj is very difficult. You have wait for a longer period of time in the long line to get your food. It is always better not to get food in Makkah and Madina when you have limited meal option in the package. Buffet will be the best option for you in Makkah and Madina. You can ask for meal in Mina and Arafat instead of anywhere else.

Location of your Tent in Mina

You need to ask your agent about location of your tent. You need to know where you located in Mina are. There are two categories of location in Mina; one category is VIP and the second is regular category. If you did not book a VIP location, then obviously, you will be in the regular camps. The VIP locations are considered very close to Jamarat and the regular are far away. You will have to travel 50 minutes walk to reach Jamarat from your regular camps in Mina. It is up to you whether to select a regular location or a VIP one. You will have to pay some extra for VIP location in Mina.

Access to your Private Apartments

Keep in the mind that your camp in Mina can provide only the space to sit and sleep in the camp. You will not be able to take you luggage with you in the camp. Your travel agency should provide access to the private rooms where your luggage could be safe and secure. You will be able collect the luggage you need from that private room. They are temporary private rooms available for their luggage. These rooms are fully equipped with initial facilities like bathrooms and showers. The cheap hajj package 2017 should include all of these things and you must check them and discuss them clearly with your travel agency. Contrary to this, you will have to face so many conflicting things during your hajj. You must also ensure that the travel agency has its own permanent employees in the Saudi Arabia or not. A good travel agency must have permanent staff in the country to assist you.

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